Thursday, June 14, 2012

Traditionally held the steamer during the season of Lent. (Usually around the end of Buddhist Lent. During the month of October), many people in this village are held together by a suitable small craft exquisitely decorated to drop it in the river at night. The parade of ships and castles bee was held during this festival. Said that this tradition is carried on for many generations the people to worship the Buddha, which according to legend, the Buddha said that he came down to Earth after completing the mission that God in heaven, for 3 months.

At the same time. This ceremony is usually held the steamer in the evening before sunset. He has been invited to pray for me and a sermon. However, those who attended the ceremony to bring candles to attend a religious ceremony. As soon as the sunset light. The steamer is then released into the river to worship the Buddha.
At this time the river is a different light. The drift boat is visible from afar. This was regarded as an important symbol of religious worship. This tradition brings pleasure to all Buddhists while foreign tourists can enjoy the light show is amazing, great view.
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